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Also includes pitch pipe and pick. KK decal in headstock. Preowned excellent condition. Like new hardly used. Made in Honolulu Hawaii. See pictures for detail.

Historic Kamaka Ukes 1916 – 1953

Its sign is obscured by plumeria trees, and the gym and the seven-story parking lot on either side of Kamaka Hawaii dwarf this unassuming storefront on the outskirts of downtown Honolulu. But once inside, you’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s finest examples of the ukulele, the four-stringed, figure-eight-shaped musical emblem of Hawaii. You can buy Kamaka ukuleles elsewhere, but only here do you get a glimpse of the craftsmanship involved in transforming aged planks of acacia koa into luminous, handmade instruments.

Samuel Kamaka founded the business 89 years ago, and three grandsons manage the business, which offers free tours of the factory area upstairs at a.

Smile, Music Critic has reviewed the top Ukulele Brands for sale, just for you. Dating back to , this company has transformed almost every genre that was used on instruments made by the Kamaka ukulele company.

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Kamaka Ukelele Factory

Order by:. Available to:. Vintage Martin 1T Tenor Uke Kamaka Ukulele Soprano HF A hard case is included along with a instruction

who was a proud owner of a Kamaka Concert Ukulele himself! The HF-2 is clearly in another league to any other concert we’ve tried to date.

Kamaka Hawaii is an instrument manufacturing business run by four generations of one Hawaiian family. Of the early Hawaiian manufacturers who were crafting instruments at the start of the 20th century, only one, Kamaka Hawaii, remains in business today. It chronicles four generations of Hawaiians who have carried on their namesake business through the death of their patriarch, two world wars, a devastating depression, and meteoric shifts in consumer tastes.

The family’s commitment goes beyond that of their craft; it extends to their culture and heritage and responsibility to the generations that will follow. Though the journey has not been altogether an easy one for the four generations of Kamakas that have unselfishly carried on the family business, Heart Strings is ultimately a story about people creating beauty in the world.

Through musical animated shorts, The History of White People in America tells the history of how skin became race, and race became power. Pipe Dreams follows four young organists as they play to win the Canadian International Organ Competition. Who will come out victorious? Threatened by climate change and globalization, remote Easter Island provides a wake-up call for the rest of the world.

Producer Dawn Kaniaupio. We fund untold stories for public media. Learn more about funding opportunities with ITVS. The Film Of the early Hawaiian manufacturers who were crafting instruments at the start of the 20th century, only one, Kamaka Hawaii, remains in business today. Related Films.

Kamaka ukulele with strings

T his resurgence in popularity for the little instrument that could—in everything from major studio albums to appearances in film and television to countless YouTube videos—has endured for more than a decade. It has a legacy of craftsmanship, while still adapting to new trends and technology. I n , Samuel Kaialiilii Kamaka Sr. To better understand how string instruments were built, Sam Sr. Sam Sr. Using an oval instead of a traditional figure eight, Sam Sr.

Vintage Kamaka Ukulele 4 String 20 1/2″ made in ‘s/’sThe following is from a ukulele website; In dating Kamaka ukuleles, the headstock decal and the.

This piece is all koa, including the neck fingerboard and bridge. It also has one-piece top, back and side construction. This early prototype model has a pin bridge and a flat head instead of the customary crown style. Other features include a smaller size body similar to a concert size and 12 frets to the body. The design of the tuning with octaves on the 1st and 3rd string position creates a melodic strumming quality which this model is known for.

This is a very unique piece, we had never seen before, it was loaned to us by our friend Nuni Walsh. A string tenor made by Sam Sr. It originally included a blue special label and the blue pineapple decal on the headstock, now worn away. However, it still retains two original large pineapple decals overlapped on the soundboard between the bridge and sound hole. It was also made with one-piece top and back construction.

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There are hundreds of ukulele models in existence, from small and sweet-sounding soprano ukes to hybrid guitaleles. There are many factors that go into choosing which ukulele model would be a good fit for your needs and preferences, and one of these is the brand. And the more that people see how good and reasonably priced their instruments are, the more they will buy from those brands. This is why when it comes to choosing a ukulele , being brand-conscious pays off.

22 votes, 16 comments. k members in the ukulele community. The ukulele is a four-stringed Hawaiian instrument in the lute family with roots in .

Purchase Ukuleles Visit Showroom. Tag custom kamaka. Date Added to Site: 09 Aug Master grade Hawaiian Koa face, back, and sides with rosewood fretboard and bridge. Mahogany neck with Hawaiian curly Koa headcap and mother of pearl inlay on the headstock and position markers. This uke was custom made with an upgrade from the standard select Hawaiian Koa wood to master grade Hawaiian curly Koa wood.

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Kamaka S The Kamaka S-3 Tenor 4 String is an ukulele string set for tenor scale ukuleles. Which is made of black nylon. Tone is warm and natural. High-G.

For 87 years people in Hawaii and around the world have used them to make sweet music. It’s something a lot of Hawaii families have had in their homes for years, even generations. And in most of those homes the name on their ukulele is Kamaka. The Kamaka Ukulele Factory is a precision assembly line. Each person has a specific job. It all began back in when Sam Kamaka began making ukulele’s from his home in Kaimuki, selling them for five dollars a piece. He eventually opened a store on South King Street.

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